Change kaspersky skin color and give it a fresh look

Do you want to change the color and skin of kaspersky and give it a different look.There are allot of free skins for kaspersky anti virus and kaspersky internet security.The defult kaspersky skin is very boring.So you want to change the skin and the color of kaspersky.
I have a solution for you.Here are 75 kaspersky skin just visit there and download all the skins.
Apply one by one and select your desire skin.
Here is a sample of kaspersky skin.There are allot of skins, but i am only sharing 1 skin as a sample.
Change kaspersky skin
The procedure is also very simple, there is nothing trucky.
You just have to download the file, which contain 75 skins and then apply your favorite skin and restart kaspersky.
And thats all. Click on the link to download 75 skins for kaspersky.


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