Activation Key for Kaspersky

Ok this is new activation key for Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Antivirus.As you all know that allot of users download the same activation key from this Blog, there kaspersky block that key. But we provide new activation key for all antiviruses.

Now in this file there are 15 key for kaspersky internet security and 18 key for kaspersky antivirus.
Use all of them, one will definatly work.
And don't forget to visit agian after 1 month or after your key get blaclisted. Because we provide daily new activation key for all anti viruses.

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New Offer to Win Life Time Kaspersky Activation Key OR $5 to Your PayPal.
There is contest where you can win Free Life time Activation key OR $5 to your PayPal account.
This contest is very simple. You just need to post in forums.
Post 1000 replays in forums and provide us your User name. And we will send you 1 year legal activation key for kaspersky OR if you want to not receive activation key then we will send $5 to your PayPal account.
In Case if want to claim activation key then...
After 1 year we will send another activation key for next year and similarly the winner will get life time free activation key.

NOTE:- Every one can take part in this contest. Every one can win activation key OR $5 to PayPal account.
The Process is simple just Post in forums but you must Place 2 Links in your Signatures while posting in forums.
If you are interested then contact us and we will provide you 2 signatures.
When you post 1000 replays, you will qualify for Free Life time Activation key OR $5 to your PayPal.
And also note that links must be remain in your signature in order to get activation key for next year. OR to claim $5 for your next year.
If you will remove the link from your signature, then we have the authority to Block your activation key.

So just contact us if you want to take Part in this Contest.
Just Post a comment here and provide your Email Address, we will provide you Links to place in your Signature.


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